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Gesture Books

Gesture Books is a complete suite of products designed to deliver editorial digital contents in a new and entertaining way.

  • transform books browsing in a totally new experience
  • let audience command books using gestures and body movements
  • enable delivery of additional diglital contents
  • is a powerful sales and marketing tool



Readers will have a display (typically a big one), will select desired content from a menu and will start reading using only hands, head and body movements.

There will be no need to touch display or to use any remote control or wearable device.

Application can deliver additional contents displaying for example QR codes, coupons, etc., thus becoming a sales and marketing tools as well.

Gesture Books will increase accessibility to people with disabilities

Suitable for

  • Bookstores
  • Exhibitions and Museums
  • Specific content delivery (Children, science, arts, music books)
  • Themed Parks


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