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XooniaGesture Presentation


Gesture Presentation enables touchless slideshow and image presentations.

  • command your presentations using natural hands gestures
  • no remote controls required
  • no wearable devices required
  • only one device required: your hands



Gesture Presentation is an application tool to allow an individual commanding a slideshow by using hand movements only in a totally touch less mode.

Gesture Presentation works using a Kinect 3D camera connected to a PC where the application is installed. 3D camera recognizes specific gestures of a presenter and translate them in commands (i.e Next Page / Previous Page). In this way presenter can move forward and backward presentation slides using natural hands movements only.

Presenter can place the camera in the best position in order to manage space constraints and his/her presentation habits.

Gesture presentation is not sensitive to non coded movements, so presenters are free to use hands and to walk around without activating any command and avoiding undesired effects on the presentation flow.

Gesture presentation do not turn off PC standard commands (keyboard, mouse, etc.), so you can combine gestures and standard commands.

Suitable for

  • Professional presentations
  • Teaching and Training
  • Art & Photography digital display
  • Brochure/catalogues self display


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