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XooniaInteractive Advertising Solution


Interactive Advertising Solution is an integrated solution to engage potential customers, deliver customized commercial messages, capture audience behaviour data and provide customer analytics

  • capture attention of the audience in front of a display
  • engage audience which can interact using gestures and body movements
  • delivers targeted commercial messages and informations
  • gather customer behaviour data



Xoonia has launched a revolutionary solution for Retail combining 3 capabibilities:

Interaction to attract an audience in front of a screen using Gesture Recognition technology;

Audience Recognition to measure real time data of the audience: age, gender, attention time, etc.;

Analytics to gather, analyse and present data of the audience, that can be used to show dynamics contents on the screens and increase comunication effectiveness.

All integrated in a single Platform, using existing displays.

Suitable for

  • Commercial communication
  • Audience analisys
  • In store advertising
  • Customer behaviour analitics


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