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XooniaVirtual Dressroom

Find your perfect outfit without the hassle of trying on all the combinations

  • Stand in front of the Virtual Mirror and let the system get your size
  • Select clothes with hand gestures and see how they look on you
  • Find the final outfit and check out
  • Simple, Fast and Fun



FXMirror by FXGEAR

Xoonia is happy to present FXMirror, the virtual fitting room solution designed and built by FXGear.

FXMirror provide an innovative and entertaining way to virtually try on clothes, find the best outfit, check out and close the purchasing process.

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How does it work: key functionalities

  • Customer stands in front of a display, which works as a normal mirror
  • Software automatically get body measures
  • Customer can pick up clothes appearing on the mirror using tablet PC or hand gestures
  • Software will apply the selected item on the customer image in the mirror
  • Customer can try on the outfit in the same way he/she does with a normal mirror


Kids Version

Kids version has been specifically designed to make kids happy.

  • Kids stand in front of the mirror and play with animations
  • Parents or shopping assistants select clothes from a tablet
  • Clothes will magically appear over the kids in the mirror
  • Kids can try on and see themselves with the new clothes in real time




Key benefits

FXMirror offer an innovative shopping experience thus helping to improve point of sales performances and increase customer loyalty. Here a list of main benefits

For shoppers

  • Convenient try-on
  • Parents or shopping assistants select clothes from a tablet
  • Connecting offline and online
  • Great styling guide
  • Full inventory availability

For retailers/shop owners

  • Providing better shopping experience
  • Managing inventory and production with shoppers’ preference data
  • Accessing shoppers’ behavior data
  • Sell without sales associates 24/7
  • Providing fitting experience of items that are out of stock or not in stores

Key Features


  • Virtual Fitting
  • Browse and select clothes, Wish list save, Payment option
  • Plays commercials when not in use

Mobile Extension

  • 3D avatar based service (produced from a user’s face picture and body measurement)
  • Can access saved garments and body measurement data from Magic Mirror’s Kiosk
  • Can view garments from 360 degree angles before trying them on virtually
  • Mobile Payment capacity

Cloth catalog system

  • Fast and easy 3D garment production tool

Control Panel

  • Manage data uploads and downloads
  • Database of shoppers
  • Other managing tools


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